Flow (http://flow.openntf.org), the advanced LotusScript logging engine, has gone Gold. The Flow project was first posted to OpenNTF in 2008 and has been in beta until today. Though the Flow beta was stable enough to be the logging engine for all commercial and custom Conxsys applications built for Notes and Domino, it is now time to take off the beta badge and make this project a Gold release.

If you are unfamiliair with the project, Flow is a full-featured logging engine for LotusScript-based applications. It is a common set of classes that allow you to log application events and errors in a "streaming" style similar to the way that the Domino server's log.nsf is formatted thus allowing you to watch every step your application takes during its run. Unlike log.nsf, documents can be rich-text based allowing for multi-colored log messages based on the logging level of the event. Logging level's range from minimal, normal, verbose and debug. Logs can also be written to e-mail messages, plain-text files, the Domino server console or client status bar, and dialog boxes.
Flow can be setup with only a couple lines of code. The project comes with sample agents and full documentation.

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