The BlackBerry Java SDK 6.0 simulator from RIM comes with a WebKit browser. I've tested the XPages Mobile Controls briefly on that browser and the sample app works fine without any code changes. Very promising. Looking forward to trying it with an actual device.

Registered users can download the BlackBerry Java SDK 6.0 from here.

Tim Neil writes on about RIM's WebKit plans:
"Mike L posted a blog article outlining some in market devices that will receive BlackBerry 6. This will be the only way to get the Webkit browser onto your device. It is an integrated part of the BlackBerry 6 operating system and isn't an installable application that can be brought back and installed as a separate application on an existing OS 5 smartphone."

Mike (don't know last name), senior product manager responsible for BlackBerry Browser development, provides more information about the WebKit browser here.

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