Paul Withers has contributed his first code to OpenNTF. It's a XPages audit comments custom control that he describes in his blog (here is the project). In this blog he also describes the process to contribute the code to OpenNTF:

One comment I would like to add is that this is the first full project I've contributed to OpenNTF. I read all the documentation and filled in the form to become a contributor several months ago, but thought it would be time-consuming to set up the project and upload everything. How wrong I was. Within half an hour I had created the project, uploaded all the files and set up the project as required. Using the Import and Export for Designer plugin to create the zip file to upload was also extremely easy and is very slick. Extending my initial audit comments custom control with the properties to make it configurable and creating the Apache-style ReadMe file was also very straightforward. I would strongly recommend any developer who has a custom control they feel is worth contributing to take the necessary steps and do it. It's relatively quick, very easy, and rewarding.

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