Meeting minutes for OpenNTF Alliance Steering Committee Meeting, April 20, 2010

OpenNTF Alliance Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes: April 20, 2010
Conference Call

Members: Bruce Elgort (Chairman), Vince Schuurman, Nathan Freeman, Ludwig Nastansky, Justin Hill, John Head, Brent Peters, Scott Johnsen, Corey Davis

Others Present: Arthur Fontaine, Peter Tanner, Niklas Heidloff


General Business – John Head

Proposed Resolution – To approve the 2010 OpenNTF IP and Strategy plan. The vote applies to the direction of OpenNTF. The dates contained within the plan are ‘soft’ since this is a volunteer organization and as such, dates will be difficult to mandate.

Resolution Passed.

The IBM attorneys should review the proposed plan and make any comments they feel relevant. The plan will also be reviewed by a not-for-profit attorney for review.

Projects submitted to OpenNTF can contain donation requests, however they cannot contain any references to OpenNTF. As such, these should be done by project name, not on behalf of OpenNTF.

If there is a ‘donate button’, it must appear and be associated with the project.

Strategy Working Group – Nathan Freeman

Looking at the advertising plan with a target completion date of early May

IP Working Group - John Head

No update at this time.

Technical Committee – Niklas

Niklas – Still working on the servers.
Download numbers have decreased from last month. Last month was very high so it’s no surprise that the numbers have dropped this month.

Possible project of the month – Domino Defrag, Code Sniffer (Top 15 or 20 and cleared for the catalog.)
Technical Committee will make a recommendation with the Chairman.

Marketing Working Group – Scott Johnsen

SJ – Develop Marketing Plan – Discuss marketing plan at next meeting with the objective of having a plan in place by early June.
Process: Propose plan, present to Steering Committee for review and comment. Once agreement is reached, post for community input.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 am ET
Minutes submitted by Scott Johnsen

Next meeting:
Tuesday, May 18, 2010
11:00 am ET

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