Each folder is broken down into the 6 different areas of customising with explanations and samples of how to customise in each area.

The areas covered include.

Simple Forms: How a standard Simple Form works, What are the different types of workflow that can be used with Simple forms and then how Versioning works..

Microsoft Office Forms: How to create Microsoft Office forms and an example of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint forms

HTML Forms: How to create a HTML form in Quickr and examples of what can be done. Examples included are

Photo form where a photo is displayed when published rather than just seen as an attached file.

Video form which plays an attached flash-compatible Video.

Feed form, which can display an RSS or ATOM feed.

Audio form, a published page can have audio files played from the page.

WebCam form, this published page can launch a connected webcam so that a user can take a snapshot and then save it.

PlaceBots: Placebots which are triggered when a document is getting submitted or is triggered from a Schedule.

OnSubmission: This Placebot is triggered when a Simple Form is submitted, it will take data(Company Name) from the form and create a new folder. The method for creating the new folder is that it takes a copy of a previously created folder and uses this to create the new folder. This allows for an easy way to upgrade if the Quickr folder structure is changed by the development team. Simply create a new folder and use it as the template for creating the new folders.

The Placebot also moves the page published with the Simple form into the new folder.

Scheduled: Each night a Placebot runs which checks the pages to see if a page is Active or InActive, If there is InActive pages then an email is sent to a nominated person and informs them to amend the InActive pages.

Extended JavaScript: The extended javascript file quickr81_ext.js which loads in the browser after the Theme files have been loaded is used to add Tagging to a Quickr Place.

Themes: There are 2 themes used in the Place, Theme one has some simple customisation (images, colour, icons…etc) and Theme two is the same as Theme one with some advanced customisation (content on the left "lotusColLeft" moved to the right side).